Early 2020

Little Plant Pantry

In Amsterdam exists a tiny shop that sells their (edible) products in bulk. You bring your own container and fill it up with any of the available, mostly organic ingredients. For someone who dreams of a zero waste world, this place is heaven on earth, so I did some volunteering here to do my part in helping this gem survive among the powerful supermarket giants.


Let’s go shopping

To measure the net weight of a specific product, you need to weigh and write down the weight off the empty and full container and subtract the empty weight from the full weight. You’ve to do this for all your products and this process can get quite cumbersome and time consuming. When you’re ready to pay you hand in your written slip over to the cashier, who has to fill in the net weight in the system for every product in order to get a total. You can imagine this takes a lot of time and as a UX designer I couldn’t help but cook up a little app concept to help speed things up.

Analog or digital?

I showed the concept to the owner and he loved and praised it, however, he also expressed a valid argument against it. He agrees that time is one of our most valuable resources, so why not save as much of it as possible? Well, he argued, the analog method forces you to slow down, take your time, be present and use your brain for once. A necessary break in an increasingly fast and digital world. And I must say, he does have a solid point. Yet despite his noble argument he would love to have this system in place, as it often gets very busy in the weekends and a little extra efficiency would make the shopping experience a lot more pleasant for everyone during these times.